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This is my homepage.

2004-05-05 - Software patents
Ongoing activities to prevent software patent in Europe. Join the European action week! If you live near Berlin, come to the demo on may 12th.

2004-04-07 - Software patents
Please join the current protest against Software Patents in Europe. Close your website and come to Brussels on April 14th.

2004-02-29 - Trusted Computing
Uploaded the slides of TCPA and Linux (sources), a the demonstration I made at my local Linux User Group (upLUG) about TCPA/Trusted Computing on Linux. Tomorrow I'll be at RadioTux on talking about that topic.

2004-02-03 -
Hey, look at the webseite of my friend Kristofer Paetau. It's cool. No, not only because I helped making it ;-)

2003-09-22 - Software patents
Some stuff regarding my current activities to stop software patents can be found here. Most notably a report and photos from our demonstration before the European Patent Office Berlin.

2003-07-27 - easyGG
I wrote a shell script for automatically creating a gallery from a set of Jpeg images. See the easyGG page.

2003-05-18 - Gallery Update
Just updated my photo gallery. I'm still trying to sort this chaos...

2003-01-09 - Tavi calendar
People who run the WikkiTikkiTavi maybe find the calendar display macro useful.

2002-10-27 - The ONE
Recently I created a little piece of digital art. I made it a donation in form of a continous loan to the Museum of Kosch Arts. See the exhibition here. [mirror]

2002-09-25 - upLUG
My newest hobby is the Potsdam Linux User Group (upLUG). When you live in Potsdam or somewhere near and like Linux, then join us!

2002-08-05 - Photography
Finally I have a photo gallery :-) I'll upload photos by me there from time to time now.

2002-07-10 - Systemdienste und Betriebssystemadministration
Added the slides to the two talks I gave in the above course. They're about the BSD boot process and BSD jails.

2002-06-22 - Internet Radio
Two of my favourite internet radio stations are down! All because of this stupid DMCA law they have in the US. So if you're a US resident then go out and Save Internet Radio! Now.

2002-04-24 - CVS Mini Howto
Finally added my CVS Howto to the doc/ section.

2002-04-21 - News
I have a news system! :-) It's based on a XML backend and very cool.

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