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palais While I studied at the University of Potsdam I had to cope with some more or less interesting projects.

In the first one our task was to code a shuttle algorithm for optimal transport of people from earth to earth2. We were three people and had to do everything (planning, coding, documentation) in one day. Code (SML) can be found here, documentation here [cached](deutsch).

One of the more interesting was the one about making a (very basic) operating system. You can download the source to see what came out at the end or just dd the image to a floppy and boot it. Our "jastos" (don't ask) already had preemtive multitasking, semaphores and handled interrupts. And of course it is the best looking OS ever! ;-)

One of the less interesting projects was coding a basic document management which follows the MVC concept. But it was fun again, when I used KDevelop and the Qt GUI toolkit. You can download the package here.

The biggest project ("project 18") was a distributed (with CORBA) software system for selling tickets in a cinema. Our project homepage can be found here(deutsch).

Next, "project 19" was about giving an overview of PL/SQL in Oracle. The website is here(deutsch).

In the course "Linux Internals" I gave a lecture about interprocess- and networkcommunication in Linux. You can see the paper here(deutsch).

In "Systemdienste und Betriebssystemadministration" (system services and system administration) I had two talks about BSD. One about bootup process (init,runlevel,rc-scripts) and the other about Jails. The first one was boring and the the latter one very interesting to deal with. The slides can be seen here(deutsch).

I attended the course IPv6-Showcase and made a report and talked about IPv6 Gateways, in particular the TRT. You can view and download the material here(deutsch).

Some open source advocacy in the course "Internet Ökonomie" (internet economics, deutsch).

Explaining Cross Site Scripting (XSS) in the course "Konstruktion sicherer Anwendungssoftware" (constructing secure applications, deutsch).

A very interesting seminar at the chair for political science, administration and organistion: Regulierung des Internets (regulation of the internet, deutsch) where I worked on the topic of federal/national content regulation.

A seminar I also enjoyed very much was "Eigentum in der Informationsgesellschaft" (property in the information society) at the chair of "Computers and Society" at the TU Berlin. The topic I chose to work on was about "patentability of software" ("Patentierbarkeit von Software", deutsch).



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