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+++ interstellar transmissions +++
in reverse order:

~panda @10Jun2023
~haha @25May2023
~haha @25May2023
~haha @25May2023
~bacme 456 lines is all you need for getting ssl certs @28Mar2023
~the interstellar space says no. @11Feb2023
~[... and ... many ... other ... attempts ...] @04Feb2023
~1) AND 6696=8933 AND (3454=3454 @04Feb2023
~1'RqBIPr<'">yHHIQK @04Feb2023
~1'())",'.)" @04Feb2023
~Leo @09Jan2023
~safdegfdgfd @24Nov2022
~Cheers, @17May2022
~Hi there @13Apr2022
~Thanks for the bacme script @29Aug2021
~Hey @22Aug2021
~hello,, nice page @21Aug2021
~New data just for you! @15Aug2021
~Hello @06Aug2021
~Morning @04Aug2021
~Good Morning @27Jul2021
~Don't give up, keep trying! ;-) @06Jul2021
~<svg onload=&#x61&#x6C&#x65&#x72&#x74&#x28&#x271&#x27&#x29> @03Jul2021
~<img src=k onerror=prompt`1`> @03Jul2021
~<img src onerror=&emsp;prompt`${1}`> @03Jul2021
~<scr<script>ipt>(alert)(1)//</scr</script>ipt> @03Jul2021
~<object data=javAscripT:alert(1)> @03Jul2021
~<ScRiPt >alert(1)</sCrIpT > @03Jul2021
~0[FF]<sCripT[FF]>alert(1)</sCripT[FF]>[FF]0 @03Jul2021
~<ImG src=z oNeRror=alert(1)> @03Jul2021
~><svg><animate onbegin=prompt(1) attributeName=u dur=1s> @03Jul2021
~<marquee loop=1 width=0 onfinish=prompt(1)> @03Jul2021
~<frameset><frame src="javascript:alert(1);"></frame> @03Jul2021
~<body/oNpagEshoW=(confirm)(1)> @03Jul2021
~<details open ontoggle=confirm(1)> @03Jul2021
~<iFrAme src="jAvasCript:alert(1);"></iframe> @03Jul2021
~<object data='JaVasCript:alert(1)'> @03Jul2021
~<object data="JaVasCript:alert(1)"> @03Jul2021
~<object data="javascript:alert(1)"> @03Jul2021
~<ImG src=z oNeRror=alert(1)> @03Jul2021
~<ImG src=z oNeRror=alert(1)> @03Jul2021
~<ImG src=z oNeRror=alert(1)> @03Jul2021
~<ScRiPt>(alert)(1);</ScRiPt> @03Jul2021
~<SvG/oNloAd=alert(1)// @03Jul2021
~<SvG/oNloAd=alert(1)> @03Jul2021
~<ScRiPt>alert(1)</sCrIpT> @03Jul2021
~<ScRiPt>alert(1)</sCrIpT> @03Jul2021
~<ScRiPt>alert(1)</sCrIpT> @03Jul2021
~Salam @18Jun2021
~Thank you! @14Jun2021
~Hi @23Mar2021
~SU ² @14Mar2021
~SU2 @14Mar2021
~Hello @12Mar2021
~Perfect @14Feb2021
~hello @05Feb2021
~Good Morning @10Dec2020
~Sama-Sama! @20Sep2020
~Terimakasih @20Sep2020
~Hai @31Aug2020
~Hai @31Aug2020
~<blink>happy new year!</blink> @03Jan2020
~<h1>hello</h1> @20Dec2019
~Apero @02Dec2019
~Hi @22Sep2019
~thanks and regards @21Sep2019
~hi there @15Sep2019
~hi guys @01Aug2019
~Learning ubuntu @05Jun2019
~helloo @21Mar2019
~nice site come back pls @03Mar2019
~hi @12Feb2019
~:D @05Aug2018
~:D @05Aug2018
~iranian was here @13Jul2018
~hello @13Jul2018
~Heyo @04Jul2018
~OOF @18May2018
~mohaamad was here @27Apr2018
~su2 @02Nov2017
~what is the password for level 1 @23Oct2017
~selemene @12Oct2017
~<3 @11Oct2017
~<3 @11Oct2017
~ko @11Oct2017
~hi there @05Sep2017
~hyyy @21Aug2017
~simon was here @18Jul2017
~~ööö @24Jun2017
~öö @29May2017
~ssssssssssssssssssssss @20May2017
~sssssssssssssssssssss @20May2017
~ssssssssssssssssssss @20May2017
~sssssssssssssssssss @20May2017
~ssssssssssssssssss @20May2017
~sssssssssssssssss @20May2017
~ssssssssssssssss @20May2017
~sssssssssssssss @20May2017
~ssssssssssssss @20May2017
~sssssssssssss @20May2017
~ssssssssssss @20May2017
~sssssssssss @20May2017
~ssssssssss @20May2017
~sssssssss @20May2017
~ssssssss @20May2017
~sssssss @20May2017
~ssssss @20May2017
~sssss @20May2017
~ss @20May2017
~s @20May2017
~sssss @20May2017
~sssss @20May2017
~ssss @20May2017
~sss @20May2017
~s @20May2017
~h @20May2017
~Namaste @09Apr2017
~Aii @08Mar2017
~holaa @02Mar2017
~hi who are you @27Jan2017
~hola @26Jan2017
~hoy @08Dec2016
~kys @08Dec2016
~./. @16Oct2016
~su2 @18Sep2016
~perfect @15Sep2016
~ARP cache @30Jul2016
~How do you.hack df @23Jul2016
~aaaaaaaaaa @28May2016
~nice @27May2016
~hu !ya @18May2016
~<script>alert("Hello SU!");</script> @26Mar2016
~Nothing can be contributed to the void. @10Jan2016
~Hehe, I'm not contributing in any way @10Jan2016
~hm @09Jan2016
~lol @01Nov2015
~eh @17Sep2015
~eh @17Sep2015
~why @14Sep2015
~huh @19Dec2014
~Bottomburp @19Dec2014
~hello @02Sep2014
~Genious! @21Jul2014
~what that software do @20May2014
~su2 @21Jul2013
~Arpspoof @05Jun2013
~hi, last seen around 6 years ago, maybe we could meet again. u. @29Jul2012
~?? @19Jul2012
~? @19Jul2012 @22May2012
~Lev was here. @20May2012
~beer @18May2012
~\o/ @14May2012
~'-' @14May2012
~hello @14May2012
~glad to hear it! hope everything work out for you as well., <a h @04Mar2012
~Who's there? @28Feb2012
~Knock, knock! @28Feb2012
~hi, nice to meet you :) @05Feb2012
~hello @03Feb2012
~Cool! @30Jan2012
~followed @24Jan2012
~white rabbit @12Jan2012
~Hello @09Dec2011
~foo @13Nov2011
~lol x) @22Feb2008
~28 @08Feb2008
~Hi there >:) @08Feb2008
~wtf @30Jan2008
~ @07Jan2008
~Thanx dude :D @17Dec2007
~this is an interstellar transmission channel, not a "text box"! but see transmissions.phps @17Dec2007
~ah, got the same problem as me with those \ after " :D @17Dec2007
~this text box :D @17Dec2007
~what \"this\"? @16Dec2007
~is this one downloadable? @16Dec2007
~sf @16Dec2007
~right here @10Dec2007
~leave where ?!?! @10Dec2007
~n/a @05Dec2007
~splüüüüüüüür @30Nov2007
~< href=””> @23Nov2007
~test @23Nov2007
~c184t @12Oct2007
~c353t @12Oct2007
~c585t @10Oct2007
~ @24Aug2007
~28 @11Aug2007
~Hello! great idea of color of this siyte! @04Aug2007
~ @27Jul2007
~ @27Jul2007
~ @26Jul2007
~bla @24Jul2007
~hey, dont bump me! @16Jul2007
~*bump* @16Jul2007
~fff @09Jul2007
~fff @09Jul2007
~. @04Mar2007
~look they are already in russia. :) @28Jan2007
~go to Russia -our country needs to linux addict's @26Jan2007
~23 @21Jan2007
~007 @23Dec2006
~xD @23Dec2006
~adduser? @24Nov2006
~sudo su @03Nov2006
~cool :) @26Oct2006
~GNU/Tux is nice @06Oct2006
~0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0 @03Oct2006
~26256122132 @01Oct2006
~23 @24Sep2006
~marlon @12Sep2006
~23 @02Sep2006
~wup @19Jul2006
~su 2 kus ? @02Jun2006
~May God Bless you. :-) @11May2006
~don't let the darkness fool you. @06May2006
~:) @26Apr2006
~nice site :) @19Apr2006
~hello @19Apr2006
~we are @07Apr2006
~who is out there? @06Apr2006
~fgsdfg @19Mar2006
~wot @08Mar2006
~31 @27Feb2006
~aaa @13Feb2006
~arpspoof is great @06Feb2006
~uh @03Feb2006
~®0075!™ @03Feb2006
~31 @30Jan2006
~piopiuop @23Dec2005
~this is the internet. @21Dec2005
~hm.... What's this ?? @20Dec2005
~~ @05Dec2005
~yes, free as in freedom :) @02Dec2005
~64xh @02Dec2005
~nice tool. ist it free ;-)? @01Dec2005
~anybody there ? No lifeforms, jim @01Nov2005
~vvvv @17Oct2005
~! @28Aug2005
~. @18Aug2005
~? @15Aug2005
~~where's kmud gone? @13Aug2005
~greeting @25Jul2005
~FareS @21Jul2005
~hello world! @17Jul2005
~hoj @04Jul2005
~hush, it's sleeping at @02Jul2005
~where's kmud gone? @19Jun2005
~~try2hack @27May2005
~plupp @25Apr2005
~you can copy dvds with the software k3b @16Apr2005
~try2hack @16Apr2005
~n e one here? @15Apr2005
~... @15Apr2005
~Hey do you know how to copy dvds? @12Apr2005
~Wow @12Apr2005
~snarf @08Apr2005
~smeg! @08Apr2005
~hello @07Apr2005
~Bored @06Apr2005
~hey @06Apr2005
~ooooooooo00000000OOOOOOooooo @29Mar2005
~häh? @25Mar2005
~this is an interstellar communication channel to su² @20Mar2005
~what's guing up here? @20Mar2005
~hmmm @17Mar2005
~no, the white rabbit once killed my friend @14Mar2005
~follow the white rabit @12Mar2005
~hello @12Mar2005
~welcome @01Jan1970


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