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Tapps is an advanced PHP poll system with some neat features:
  • single and multiple answers possible
  • optional referer check
  • optional IP locking
  • optional cookie check (including an option to force the user to accept the cookie)
  • optional email confirmation
  • database backend (only MySQL at the moment)
  • paranoiac user input validation
  • cares about the users privacy
  • admin interface for easy creation of polls
Although the above already works, the whole package is still under development. Feel free to suggest new features you would like to see in Tapps.

You can download the current version of Tapps here: tapps-0.3.tar.gz
Read the ChangeLog for information about what was changed since older releases.

On the right side you can see (and try) how Tapps works.

If you have questions or suggestions, just contact me.

Have fun,